We do the best we can to make ends meet. When our hearts are open, inspiration unfolds.
I call this Simply Collectible because I am looking to cherish every breath, every tear, every drop of rain, every bit of laughter and every morsel of life.
This isn't about me. It's about my son, Seth, and the therapies and education that will help him flourish!


Contest on Facebook

So I'm running a FREE Pattern Contest on my Facebook page, again. Usually, there are random questions that anyone could guess at and this one is no different. The one now shows this picture of the leftover from skeins used to make beanies from my beard hats and asks that you guess how many partial balls it rolls out to. The winner chooses a single FREE Crochet Pattern from my Etsy shop. Needless to say, it is fun. 

Come by and check it out.

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