We do the best we can to make ends meet. When our hearts are open, inspiration unfolds.
I call this Simply Collectible because I am looking to cherish every breath, every tear, every drop of rain, every bit of laughter and every morsel of life.
This isn't about me. It's about my son, Seth, and the therapies and education that will help him flourish!


Penguin Crochet Applique and an update

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It's been a while since I posted on this blog and I know I have some followers here so I thought I'd share what I've been doing.

My son has been excelling in his studies, homeschooling, and we are enjoying the little, quiet times as well as the crazy social times and clubs. Let me tell you. Homeschooling is never, ever boring and we meet friends more often than if he were in school. Fortunately, he gets to learn a lot of programming which is his main interest right now. (We're starting an online java script class next month when it starts to get cold.) It's tough with an 8yo who's been reading since he was 16 months old. Everything is boring. He reads about the concepts of algebra and geometry because doing division is boring. So we do things backwards. He's only 8 and I'm not going to push him.

So, here's what I made this last week! You can find this CUTE Penguin Crochet Applique Pattern on my pattern blog HERE.

Penguin Crochet Applique Free Pattern


Thinking... Thinking... Thinking... Hooking...

Sometimes you just have to bust a rhyme so here is mine. 
 Thinking... Thinking... Thinking... Hooking... 
Hooker's thinking about hooking. 
Hooker thinks and thinker hooks. 
Hook in a blink. Think on a book. 
What does this hooker thinks she hooks? 
She's booking hookers as she cooks.
This hooker's gonna make a hat. Could you just imagine that?


St. Patrick's Day Beard Beanie Hat- YES!

Beard Beanies are available for St. Patrick's Day! There are only a few of each but I can finally, offer my beard with a beanie or hat for adult or beard and hat for baby/toddler.

I'll give you more info later, but these knit hats will ship March 11th- these are not my crocheted hats that I sold out of time to make by this St. Patrick's Day. They are provided by other vendors to compliment my popular beard design.

 This Toddler/Baby Beard Hat is available now in My Etsy Shop and ships March 11th. These beards are my handmade design and the knit hat is machine made.

The Beard Beanie Crochet Pattern is available.

This particular beard beanie pattern is reversible (#105), but I have a fuller Santa style beard beanie pattern (#127) which is fuller with the moustache.

This Sherry Sperry knit hat with my handmade beard can be shipped out March 11th just in time for St. Patrick's Day.

Be ready for the Pub Crawl!

Both Crochet Beard Hat Patterns are available in My Etsy Shop- Simply Collectible Crochet Designs and Patterns.


What do you use for stitch markers or gift adornments?

For many years, I've used scrap yarn, but recently found these adorable little charms and turned them into stitch markers for special occassions. They are in My Etsy Shop found under my crochet patterns tab. Of course, you will find my Irish Beard Hat Pattern there along with the fuller Santa Beard Hat Crochet Pattern also known as the Lumberjack Beard Beanie.
My Etsy store is called Simply Collectible Crochet Designs and Patterns. Staying true to collecting and treasuring not only what we create, but what we gift and what we receive, is always very much on my mind. These precious stitch markers serve as gift markers or adornment.

What a precious way to add something special to your gifts. This adornment says, "Made for an Angel". Use your stitch marker and close it onto your work to adorn your gift.

Such a simply and beautiful way to add a special something to your work. This gift, stitch marker says, "Made With Love."


Very Hungry Caterpillar Crochet Pattern

I cannot wait to complete this pattern. There are so few bits to secure before final proofing, but I'm still making Irish Beard Beanie Hats for St. Patrick's Day. With about 20 more Beard combos to make and send in the next week, there won't be much time to get this new pattern done until next week, but it is adorable. Part of it, will be a blanket that I haven't worked up yet, but the super chunky yarn is staring at me.

Inspired by The Very Hungry Caterpillar, Crochet Pattern for Infant Cocoon w/ Hat and modifications for Child to Adult. The blanket is a special surprise and I cannot wait until this is completed.
Thank you for your support, Everyone!


Now I know.

What a crazy February it's been! 

Never, in my life, have I felt so clear headed and had so much responsibility in everything around me. It seems as if the door to knowledge is opening. 

Do you ever feel like you are going through a handful of years walking against a strong current with undertoe trying to take you out at every step? Do you know what it feels like to stand on what you think is firm sand only to have the delicate, warm, ocean water peel it out from under you so that your balance is impaired? 

Right this moment, I am in the dunes and can see where I was standing. 
I know where I've been.
What's best? 
GOD works it all out every time.


Contest on Facebook

So I'm running a FREE Pattern Contest on my Facebook page, again. Usually, there are random questions that anyone could guess at and this one is no different. The one now shows this picture of the leftover from skeins used to make beanies from my beard hats and asks that you guess how many partial balls it rolls out to. The winner chooses a single FREE Crochet Pattern from my Etsy shop. Needless to say, it is fun. 

Come by and check it out.