We do the best we can to make ends meet. When our hearts are open, inspiration unfolds.
I call this Simply Collectible because I am looking to cherish every breath, every tear, every drop of rain, every bit of laughter and every morsel of life.
This isn't about me. It's about my son, Seth, and the therapies and education that will help him flourish!


I Promise.

From this moment forward, I promise to blog more, share more, and continue to be a presence on the world wide web and do more Free Pattern Contests

There is so much to catch up on, but basically, I'm still making tons of Beard Beanies and selling the patterns- to which there are two different ones. The Chin Beard Pattern is reversible and the Santa (fuller beard with moustache) is not. It looks like it wants to be so much more, but it stands its ground as a Santa beard.

My best selling Valentine's crochet pattern- aside from the Beard Beanies- is the Sweetheart Kitten and Scrappy Cat. They are my all time favorites.

Next project up is something I have been wanting to complete for a very long time. For now, it is a secret, but I will leak that info before long. There must be 6 projects that have been untouched for nearly 5 months since starting my Christmas rush. I was a little shocked to see the next order I am tackling was placed December 23rd. Yes, folks. That is how popular these are. I feel extremely blessed.

On another front, my sweet son is in speech therapy for another session of 5 and we have finally started back at church! ($1 from my sales pays 1 minute of speech.) He really likes our church activities which he is only now able to express. Before, we thought he was just nervous and we were "torturing" him. That is, apparently, not the case, though I still need to be in the room with him so he is comfortable. The church has a buddy system in place, but this is a time for tough love and I'm getting pretty good at knowing his buttons.

This week, I'll be posting some pics of how I am organizing one of my craft drawers by upcycling cereal boxes. Rest assured that it is very exciting!

Laugh and Love, Friends!

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