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This isn't about me. It's about my son, Seth, and the therapies and education that will help him flourish!


The Sun- Solar System Crochet Amigurumi Series- Free Patterns to Share

This pattern is from a Free Crochet Pattern Series for the Solar System.
My name is Celina and I operate Simply Collectible to raise money for my son's therapies. (There is a donate button to the right of this post if you wish to donate $2 or $3 to help us out? Thank you!

This is definitely a series. Go to the left margin to find other FREE patterns and posts including the patterns for Uranus & Neptune. Use these for a mobile, hang from the ceiling or just toss around. If you stuff them lightly, they will not roll very far and help encourage babies to walk, crawl and strengthen their upper bodies and core. 

I will be updating my notes as I add planets or satellites- per my son's request. Join my page. Join us. Share them. Pull out the scraps. Really, it's just a crochet pattern for a ball! I'm just changing the colors up and doing different sizes while I share my "experiment".

This was unbelievably fast and proving to be a great way to use up scraps. I actually increased my scrap stash with this one. See the picture below.

The characteristics of the Sun are such that with so many colors and so much movement it is difficult to imagine duplicating. I stuck with yellows, though I really wanted to add that "magma like" color. This is NOT to scale. Making it to scale would have been the size of a large beach ball. At this point, I'm throwing scale out the window. Hahaha

This one is the size of a large grapefruit. Not quite a medicine ball for a baby, but I think the large stitches would make it easier to hold. It might weigh as much as a burger.

Here are the colors I used for the sun. These were from random scraps so I can't tell you brand. I can only say they were all worsted weight yarn.
  • 2 strands of bright yellow with a tinge of orange
  • 2 strands of bright yellow on the lemon side.
  • 1 strand of off white
Once I started, Seth instantly said, "Sun spots!" and started bouncing about.

This ball hardly needs stuffing because it is as stiff as a rug. I joked with my husband that it could break a window. If you want to do this with one strand, see my suggestion that follows.

Essentially, follow the same size hook & succession as the patterns for Uranus and Neptune while increasing to Row 20, 25 or 30. (The link follows.) You will probably need about 10-15 rows of "single crochet around" before you start the decrease and it will probably take as long as a baby blanket. I only say that so you know your commitment. This 5 strand is stiff and a single strand would be very flexible.

The Sun Crochet Pattern:

5 Strands of Worsted weight of your color preference
Yarn Needle

magic circle or chain (ch) 2
R1  sc6 into the circle or first ch
R2  sc2 in each st around
R3  *sc1, inc*
R4  *sc2, inc*
R5-6 sc around
(Now work backwards.)
R7  *sc2, dec*
R8  *sc1, dec*
Decrease around until you can slip stitch shut, fasten off & sew in the tail.

These patterns are all free. If you feel lead to leave a small donation, we would gratefully appreciate it, but it is not necessary.
Thank you for having fun with me!
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This is only 2 rows and it worked up in about 2 minutes.

I set aside WAY too much yarn for this. I barely got through 1/2 of this.

 A little blurry, but it turned out really cool! It is as thick as a rug and as heavy as a burger. GOOD workout for baby and their little fingers fit nicely between the stitches.

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