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I call this Simply Collectible because I am looking to cherish every breath, every tear, every drop of rain, every bit of laughter and every morsel of life.
This isn't about me. It's about my son, Seth, and the therapies and education that will help him flourish!


I Feel a Master Cleanse Coming On

It's been a while, but my body only lets me go for a day or two and I am just done. The first time I did it, I went 9 days. The second time was 4 days. By the 3rd time, I was only able to go a full day. Well, it's been 2 years since the last so I am hopeful I can go 3 days because it just feels SO GOOD. Fortunately, you know you go until your body is clean. Once it's clean, your body tells you to "get some food"!
I haven't been eating much meat these last few months, but nitrous oxide and other "dental treatment".... Frankly, my pancreas and liver need a break. I've been suffering from allergies this season and I know that means my body is in overload.
I think I'll get the ingredients tonight. But, what's my husband gonna eat? hehe

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