We do the best we can to make ends meet. When our hearts are open, inspiration unfolds.
I call this Simply Collectible because I am looking to cherish every breath, every tear, every drop of rain, every bit of laughter and every morsel of life.
This isn't about me. It's about my son, Seth, and the therapies and education that will help him flourish!


Was I just on Biggest Loser Hidden Camera Punk'd Edition?

Huge, nice, shiny screw in my tire. No problem! We'll just take the all-terrain stroller to the grocer's 1.5 miles along the hiking trail and get some fresh air (allergies) and exercise. All we need is rice milk and blueberries. It's only about 80 degrees after all and it won't take more than an hour and 1/2. Seth can walk (scoot) along the trail and we'll get back and watch a movie and let the stress of the last few weeks just flow right off our backs!
By the time we got to the store, it was so humid and close to 90. We'll rush through the store, back out and we're back into the trees before we know it.
Nope. We were so miserably hot by the time we were to cross Wm Cannon on to the trail and it took nearly 5 minutes for the light to turn. Seth was melting, I was starting to getting really hungry.... Let's cut through the church lot and come out by the storm drain right by the entrance to the property. We were 1/4 mile from my door.
Nope. Wrong church parking lot that cuts through. We'll go through those trees because there is a street on the other side that goes up to the other side of the property.
Nope. That's someone's backyard. Down around that house is the street that leads up there.
NOPE. That's Woodcreek! Now we either walk the 1/2 mile home with partial shade or turn around and walk back 1/2 mile without shade. DUH.
We finally got by the storm drain across the street from the property and Seth shouts, "There it is! There's our HOME!" As if we had been out in the desert for weeks, killing rattlesnakes for dinner, drinking the dew of the morning off the cactus and riding in a stage coach camping out in the dust storms.
Now he's out of cheerios and there is still a screw in the tire.

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