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This isn't about me. It's about my son, Seth, and the therapies and education that will help him flourish!


My Beard Beanie Hat Love

I've said this already, but the Beard Beanie Hats and Crochet Patterns are selling insanely in my Etsy store. I am almost to the point of not being able to promise them for Christmas as I can't hardly focus on anything else. Honestly, it's hard to say if I will be able to keep up with production.

Another side to this is the St. Patrick's Day Celebration. Thinking Irish hats, yes? Ireland, here we come!

Hundreds of people are going through my Etsy store every day and most are loving my Beards! The nice part is that I offer the Beards Only option which is so much easier to produce right now. In some ways, that is all that matters, right? Who even sees the hat when that delicious beard walks in.

My favorite part about my Beard and Beanie design would have to be that the beanie is very, very, very nice and warm as it doubles over the ears. With the beard, it's triple protection on the ears.

Though I don't typically care much for the moustache/ mustache/ stash tickling my nose, it does block cold air a bit.

Now... The Ninja Hat! THAT one has blocking power! Yes, the Crochet Pattern is available for the Ninja Hat and practice Nunchucks.

Practice without Fractures
Amigurumi will never be the same.

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