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FREE Teeny Kitty Crochet Pattern- Inspired by Hello Kitty

I am delighted to share this pattern with you. It works up easily. There are modifications available for different looks- like my Spanish Dancer & Superhero/Vampire. Please join my Facebook page and message me for those modifications. The original pattern is much longer, so if you have any questions about abbreviations or instructions, feel free to contact me as many times as you need through Facebook.
Hello Kitty Inspired Teeny Ballerina Kitty

You will need:
  • F hook, E hook
  • Worsted weight- white and another color for outfit
  • Embroidery thread- pink/yellow & black
  • Black Tool for veil, if necessary
  • Felt for any emblem work
  • Glue for bows, emblems, etc…

Tips for making amigurumi: When working up amigurumi, the stitches should be tight in order to contain the polyfill. You will stuff the critters pretty tightly by using rolled up, small pieces of polyfill to really get it firm and it doesn’t lose its shape.

Head: (Using F Hook and white yarn)
R1: ch 2, 6 sc in second ch from hook
R2: 2 sc in each sc around  (12 sts)
R3: *sc 1, 2 sc in next sc*, rep 6 times (18 sts)
R4: *sc 2, 2 sc in next sc*, rep 6 times (24 sts)
R5-9: sc 24
R10: dec in every stitch around

Embroider the facial features:
Using black embroidery floss, sew the eyes on to R7 with 4 stitches between them.
Using pink or yellow embroidery floss, sew the nose on to R8.
Use black floss for whiskers.

Stuff the head to shape of an oval
Note: Row 11 helps to retain oval shape of head
R11: dec 1, sc, sk1, sc, dec1, sc, sc, sk1, sc, sl st.
Fasten off. You may sew shut at this point or wait to see
how it will fit on the body.

Ears: (Using E hook and white yarn- Make 2)
R1: ch 2, sc 6 in second ch from hook
R2: sc 6
R3: sc 2 in each sc around. (12 sts)
Fasten off, leaving a tail for sewing.
Body: (Using F hook and outfit yarn)
R1: ch 2, 5 sc in second ch from hook.  
R2: 2 sc in each sc around. (10 sts)
R3: *1 sc, 2 sc in next sc*, rep 5 times. (15 sts)
R4: sc 15
R5: sc in back loop only.
(This leaves the front loop to add the skirt.)
R6-7: sc 15
R8: *sc 1, dec 1*, rep 5 times (10 sts)
Fasten off, leaving a tail for sewing.
Stuff the body.                                                                                                                        

Arms and Legs: 
(Using E hook and white yarn w/ outfit yarn optional- Make 4 total)
Note: If you are going to give her sleeves/bloomers,
change to outfit yarn at row 2 or 3.
R1: ch 2, 3 sc in second ch from hook.
R2: 2 sc in each sc around (6 sts)
R3-4: sc 6
Fasten off, leaving a tail for sewing on to body.
It’s not necessary to stuff these.

Bow: (Using E hook and outfit color)
You may do this any way you wish. I’ve chosen to use other items instead of the bow to go with the theme. One bow was a ch 2 and I flipped it over and did 5 sc in the first loop, flipped it again and 4 sc in the other and end with a slip stitch. Then I wrap the tail around and tie it in a knot on the back and sew it on.

Attach all pieces together. If you cannot get the legs and arms perfect, it will look as though Kitty is dancing. For Cheerleader Kitty, set the legs so she is doing the splits, if you wish. I usually end by wrapping the yarn around her neck like a collar and the waist to distract from the joining.

Ballerina/Cheerleader Skirt:

Hold Kitty upside down and sew into loops on body that were left 
in the front. Crochet in the round.

R1: *2 sc in the next sc, 1 sc* (repeat * around)                                           
R2: *2 sc in the next sc, 2 sc* (repeat * around)
R3: *2 sc in the next sc, 3 sc* (repeat * around)
Slip stich and fasten off sewing the end in.

Spanish Dancer

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